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White Brick House

Our Mission

Tired of paying 3% seller side commision on property transactions.  Value Realty was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to buy and sell housing without paying high commision costs.   Let your house sell itself and be part of the 1%.


Value Realty strives to get you the best value for your money.  We offer 3 packages to fit your needs.   Our packages suit the most seasoned investors and sellers as well as those needing more guidance.  Rest assured whatever package you choose you will get the value your looking for.

Flat Fee Listing


Sell your property for a $950 flat fee.  Perfect for investors and seasoned sellers.

1% Selling Commission

1% selling commission.  Ideal for those familiar with selling property but seeking more guidance. 

1.5% Selling Commision

1.5% selling commission.  Looking for the full bundle of services offered by larger brokerages who charge 3%?   This package offers everything you will need to sell your property at half the cost to you.

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